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Chartered Physiotherapist


The extensive training and accreditation combined with the vast clinical experience Emma has, results in the provision of a diverse approach to your treatment and rehabilitation no matter what the complaint.  Emma has had her research and case studies published in the Clinical Biomechanics Journal and Acupuncture in Mecicine Journal.

Emma  has a vast range of specialist post graduate training, including Womens Health, a specialism that is accredited by the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Womens Health.  This allows Emma to treat those who  present with pregnancy related musculoskeletal problems as well as women suffering from bladder and pelvic floor problems.  This treatment covers both antenatal and post natal problems associated with pregancy and/or childbirth, gynaecological problems such as stress urinary incontinence, overactive bladder or pelvic organ prolapse.



What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health profession concerned with improving the way you move, and enhancing your quality of life, by giving you the most suitable treatment for an injury or condition. If you suffer from back or neck pain, a sports injury, arthritis – in fact any joint or muscle problem – Physiotherapy can help relieve your pain and get moving better.

Why EH Physio and what you can expect?

Although each individual strives towards different goals in life, I believe that these goals would be achieved more easily if everyone had a body which was pain free and fully functioning. My extensive training in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment ensures that I can provide a thoroughly comprehensive service in the hope you achieve this whether your problem is as a result of an accident or a chronic condition.

I will take a full and thorough history of your problem before arriving at a diagnosis.  The diagnosis will be clearly explained to you and together we will agree a treatment plan to manage your symptoms and try to prevent the problem from re-occurring.

I have extensive experience in a variety of evidence based treatment techniques which can include a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture, manipulation, lifestyle management and exercise rehabilitation (including pilates).  Using these approaches I strive to deliver high quality effective and efficient treatment in the lowest number of sessions thus keeping your costs low.

Your treatment plan can involve a number of techniques which are aimed at providing pain relief and restoring function.  For further information on each treatment modality please click - 'See All Treatments' below - 



EH Physio is registered and accredited with most insurance companies. If you have medical insurance with a provider not listed below please contact us.

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